Names Lyrics - Tom MacDonald

Names Lyrics – Tom MacDonald

SingerTom MacDonald
MusicTom MacDonald

Names Lyrics

They gonna try to call you names label
you with things till you’re ashamed
you’re a sexist or a racist white
supremacists are gay they’ll attack your

reputation claim that you’re the one to
blame and try to make you hate yourself
for ways that you behave they’re just

names embrace them and they’ll never
cause you pain they’re just words that
another person thought up in their brain
they’re just names they do not define

you that’s insane and they’ll just call
you something different if you change

call me racist i don’t make no blm
donations i can stand with black folks
without a brand incorporation all this
systemic prejudice if you live in this

nation you privileged black or caucasian
call me transphobic but i support you in
your policies i just can’t ignore the
Very basics of biology all i see is men

and women trying to live in harmony not
a hundred genders that you wanna be
call me snowflake cause i’m offended i
ain’t stone faced social justice

warriors destroying us with ways mad
because they voted for the potus with
the most hate
man i miss the old days call me loser
call me bigot call me stupid call me

bitter call me ugly call me cracker call
me douche call me trigger you can call
me what you want cause at the end of the
day man they’re just named

it till you really start believing what
they say they gonna stamp it on your
forehead and scream until you break they
love to say they woke they not awake

they’re just names afraid of anyone who
ain’t the same so they classify your
thoughts as controversial not okay then
they cancel you till everything you have

all gets a race they trying to tell the
world you bad they’re just names call me
conservative or liberal republican or
democrat i’m somewhere in the middle but

y’all don’t know what to do with that
the system got you so obsessed with
classifying right or left you never call
a person human call them names instead

call me sexist men run the world cause
they’re aggressive but behind every man
there’s a woman just as successful we
will never be equal in every way that

ain’t helpful our differences are why
we’re great together
call me white devil i know you think the
system favors me my privilege is

residual benefits from the slavery
subconscious prejudice embedded in this
system made for me don’t mean i never
struggled to survive i guess we ain’t

agree ignorant and jaded call me dumb
uneducated call me idiot or redneck or
delusional look crazy call me anything
society has taught you to say cause at
the end of the day they’re just names

your worst stupid loser ugly poser
liar crazy loner
your words ain’t gonna hurt us
i hope you find the anymore
we feel no shame call us anything you

want i’m getting bored you

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